Affiliate Disclosure

So let's be honest...

Running a website isn't free and a lot of time goes into creating content for the site. That's time I don't get paid for but I do it because I know you'll find the information I provide on this site useful, or at the very least entertaining.

So, I need to support the site somehow and one way I can do this is with affiliate links. When you purchase a product through these links, it means that I may receive a small referral commission from that retailer, like Amazon.

For example, when you buy a microphone through one of my links you don’t pay anything extra for that item, in fact nothing changes for you on your end at all, it’s shopping per usual for you.

However, I might received a small portion of that shopping total, and I’m not exaggerating - it’s a tiny portion!

Your support by shopping through the links on this site help to balance the cost of keeping this site online.

So if you find yourself looking to buy something that I've recommended on my Resource Page, or anything else on Amazon for that matter,

I would greatly appreciate it if you would bookmark this link to your browser, then please do your shopping through this link:

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding!

- Andrew @diygarageband


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