5 Things A Great Manager Needs To Have

From booking rehearsals, setting up your online presence, there’s a lot that goes into managing a DIY GarageBand.

To keep the business side of things running smoothly, being able to multi-task is just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, If you plan on making any money for your band, you need to have your shit together.

Here are 5 things a great band manager needs a to have.

  1. Interpersonal Skills/Artist Management - Emotions run high in a band, it fuels inspiration for songwriting, it hypes the live performances but it also takes a toll on all individuals involved. A great manager should be able to pick up on these shifts in band moral & be able to mediate conflict within the band. They will act as a counselor, mentor, & an unbiased judge when a band cannot make decisions on their own terms. A great manager can adapt to each band members own personality & communicate in a manner that suits them best.

  2. Intrapersonal Skills/Task Management - Managers juggle tons of responsibility from booking shows to promotion and sometimes the stress of it all can be overwhelming if you're not a good multi-tasker. A great manager will find a balance to make sure everything runs smoothly & on schedule taking the stress off the band so they can focus on their Art.

  3. Business Savvy/Common Sense - A band manager conducts business on their bands behalf so a great manager will be able to make deals happen. Whether it's booking shows & sorting out money/riders or sorting out sponsorship or endorsements, a great manager makes sure certain expectations will be met & contracts fulfilled. If those agreements aren't met, the manger will follow up & seek restitution on their artists behalf.

  4. Technical Skills - Ideally you would like to have a person on your team dedicated to work the lights & sound board at each show but usually it's left to the house engineer (who most likely doesn't give a shit). So, a great manager should either learn to use the equipment available or be able to coach the engineer to achieve the right audio & visual effects for each live performance.

  5. Grit - The music industry is filled with sharks only looking out for their best interests in mind. A great manager is good at saying "NO" to things that may or may not benefit the band in the short term so they negotiate the deals that will elevate the band in the long run. In summary, a great manager works hard & efficiently, always keeping their bands best interest in mind.

I'd love to hear from you! What are the qualities you want to see in a manager? Leave a comment in the section below.

Talk to you soon! - Drew @diygarageband