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Flaky Band Members & How To Deal With Them

Just about every band has one, maybe even two or maybe it's you?! Anyone would love to be in a band as their primary source of income... living the proverbial dream. For some, that dream is a tangible goal & they'll work their ass off to achieve it! For others, it's a fantasy best lived out in the rehearsal room or local bars on the weekend. What separates the weekend warriors from the hard core musicians is where they decide to place the band on the priority list of life. 

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How To Play A Show

When you first start out as a band you're live shows are probably going to suck. However, with each show comes another opportunity to work out the kinks, improve your stage presence & musicianship. Above all else you need to make sure that your music is performed to the best of your ability. If little Johnny can't remember his parts and the band as a whole is off beat & out of tune, don't even think about playing a show yet! Get back into the rehearsal studio & keep practicing. 

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4 Things To Look For In New Band Members

So you've found other musicians willing to start a new project, but are they a good fit for your band? A jam session is a great way to audition people to see if they will be a good fit for your band. Here's a tip, trust your gut, if it doesn't feel right then move on immediately! Here are 4 things to look for in new band members. 

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How To Start A Band: Part 3

Instruments? Check! Bandmates? Check! Great songs? umm...

At this point you should have a solid lineup for your band, possibly a band name but most importantly you should be writing your own music. You have? Great! Now pick your 3 best songs because it's time to record a demo! In actuality what you're doing is something called pre-production and this is how you’ll be able to tell if your songs are any good or if you’re really all tone deaf from rehearsing at full volume… by the way, don’t do that.

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How To Start A Band: Part 2

So you’ve started a band, great. What now? Jam Session!

Believe it or not, starting a band was the easy part, keeping a band together is where it gets really difficult. You’ll be able to tell real quick if people are going to be a good fit for your band once you start jamming together. At the end of the day you're really just looking for people who can play their instrument well and people who share the same career goals as you. The las thing you need are members who don’t take the band as seriously as you do. Here's a tip; trust your gut, if it doesn't feel right then move on, Immediately!

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How To Start A Band: Part 1

How do song lyrics always seem to relate to whatever is going on in your life at the moment?

The power of music is a mysterious thing and it probably wasn't long before it sparked inspiration to express your inner anguish through the majesty of song. Most of us found out pretty quick that we weren't any good at singing or writing songs and gave up... but some of us stuck with it. We were determined to write the songs that would inspire future generations to pursue music. like our favorite bands did for us. So, we rallied anyone else we knew with a passion for music & this is where our journey as a DIY Musicians began.

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