Apple Loops & Audio Editing: Garageband X Tutorial

In this weeks episode we're going to answer some questions that we received recently:

  • How to adjust the volume for tracks & apple loops?

  • How to cut out parts of a song?

How to adjust the volume for tracks & apple loops?

When it comes to adjusting the volume for your tracks & loops there are 2 basic options. 

  1. Use the volume sliders for each individual tracks. This will set the track at a desired level for the entire project.

  2. Use the Automation controls to set the volume at different levels for different parts of the project.

When you open the automation menu you have the option of automating several features like volume, pan & effects. To activate the selected option, in the track area, click several points on line you wish to adjust then drag them to your desired settings. Experiment with different points to achieve the right sound for your project. 

*Note: the automation button must be selected for each individual track you wish to automate. 

How to cut out part of a song?

The best way to cut out whole sections of a song is to use the arrangement feature in Garageband 10. 

  • From the app menu, open Track > Show Arrangement Track

  • Click the plus symbol to add the first song section. Click again to add more.

  • Size & label each section to fit the arrangement of your song, ie. Intro / Verse / Chorus / etc.

Once you've set up the arrangement bar to match the arrangement of your project, you then can grab complete sections & reorder them in the project. You can move the Intro to the end or the Chorus to the Into, etc. 

To remove complete sections of the song, highlight the desired section you wish to remove & press Delete on your keyboard, this will delete all sounds within that selection. Pressing Delete again will remove the section completely, joining the remaining portions of the project together. 

Experiment with both these editing tools in your project & see how they can help you enhance your songs today! 

I'd love to hear from you! Let us know all the creative ways you've been able to leverage the automation and arrangement tools. Leave a comment in the section below.

Talk to you soon! - Drew @diygarageband