How To Edit Audio Files: Garageband X Tutorial

Whether you're sampling audio for your rap song or you're a cheerleader creating a mix track, you're going to need to know how to edit audio files on Garageband.

Much like our previous tutorial on How to make custom Ringtones, we start with a template, add an audio file and edit per usual. Let's take a look at how that works in the following steps. 

Step 1.

Choose a template to start with, any will do, then all you have to do at that point is drag a piece of media into the empty track area.

Step 2.

Pick anything from the Loop Library, Media Library, or you can even use an audio file straight from your desktop, etc. Just click, hold & drag the selected audio file into the empty track in Garageband and then you're ready to begin editing. 

Step 3.

You can edit the audio in a three different ways. You can "Split", "Loop" & "Trim".


Move the Playhead to the point of the audio you wish to cut, then type in "Command + T", which will split the audio file at the Playhead's position. 

Loop vs. Trim

Loop vs. Trim

If you hover your cursor at the edge of each audio file you will notice that your pointer changes into different symbols at different points of the audio's edge. 

Hovering your cursor over the top margin of the track will change your pointer to the Looping function. Click, Hold and Dragging the edge of the track to the right will Loop the existing track over and over again creating an exact replica of the existing track. 

Hovering your cursor over the middle of the track will produce an icon that looks like a line with arrows on each side. Click, Hold and Dragging the edge of the track will Trim the audio or extend the track depending on the nature of the original file. This is useful for cutting out unwanted parts of a song. 

Step 4.

Arrange your newly edited track pieces into any particular order that suits your needs. If you're creating a "mix tape" you'll want to make sure your do your best to line up the beat or waveforms of the connecting so it sounds like a smooth transition.

You can even Merge the individual audio pieces into one uniform audio track which will make it easier to work with when used in a project that uses a lot of tracks. The merged track will not only be easier to manipulate but also cut down on processor use. 


Step 5. 

Exporting your new audio file works just like before - simply navigate your cursor up to the "Share" menu then choose from a selection of options:

> Song to iTunes

> Ringtone to iTunes

> Media Browser

> Soundcloud 

> Export Song to Disk

Share Project

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