How to export individual tracks: Garageband X Tutorial

When collaborating with other artists you'll often need to share tracks from your Garageband project.

Unless you partners are also using Garageband, or Logic Pro X, they will have no way of extracting the individual tracks so, you'll have to do it for them.

This may seem like an impossible task at first glance but with a sneaky keyboard shortcut this will turn out to be quite easy to do. 

Step 1

Find the Garageband project for which you want to extract the individual tracks from.

Step 2. 

You will need to press and hold the "Control" key while you Click on the Garageband project and then a menu will appear. From this menu, select "Show Package Contents".

Show Package Contents

Step 3. 

From here, open up the "Media" folder and there you will find all your tracks in the "Audio Files" folder. Provided you named each track in your Garageband project, the track you're looking for should be easy to find. 

Package Contents

Step 4.

At last, simply drag your track into an email or flash drive to share with your collaborators. 

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