How To Record A Song: Garageband X Tutorial

When you first open your project you’ll have a blank canvas to work with. 

A drummer preset is loaded in the Songwriter template, which you can customize to the style of music you wish to create.

  • Use the editor controls to change the complexity of the drum track, as well as how much of the drum kit you wish to use.

  • Next, adjust the tempo of the project to slow down or speed up to fit the needs of your song.

Once you've got your project set up, you’re ready to begin recording your instruments. 

  • First, open the Garageband preferences. The audio/midi section is where you can choose your output & input devices. You can use your laptops built in microphone or choose an audio interface device, like a USB mic or an Mbox.

Note: if you are going to use the built in microphone make sure you are in a quiet room to reduce ambient noise & also plug in a set of headphones to use while you record. If you don’t use headphones, your laptops microphone will also pick up the sound of any tracks in your project you may be playing along to. 

You should now be able to hear your instrument coming through the speakers as you play. If you’re playing a guitar you can use the built in tuner to make sure you’re always in tune before recording. 

  • Now that you’re in tune set the recording level, turn on the monitor function so you can hear yourself while you play & then hit record!

  • If you mess up, just move the play-head back to where you want to try again then hit the record button. It’ll be like that mistake never happened.

I'd love to hear from you! What features do you take advantage of when recording a song? Leave a comment in the section below.

Talk to you soon! - Drew @diygarageband