How to share projects via email: Garageband X Tutorial

Collaboration between fellow artists and producers is a great way to network and expand your musical horizons.

However, most email providers have a limit on the size and file types they allow you to send. Compressing large audio projects into compact Zip files is standard procedure for modern musicians.

Much like our previous tutorial on How To Share Individual Tracks, with a few clicks you'll be on your way to collaborating with other musicians in no time!

Step 1

Open your Finder, and search for the Garageband project you wish to share.

Step 2. 

Press and hold the "Control" key while you Click on the Garageband project and then a menu will appear. From this menu, select "Compress".

Compress Project

Step 3. 

A new compressed Zip file will appear directly under the project you selected. This file will be smaller in size and compatible with most email services and operating systems. 

Compressed Project

Step 4.

At last, simply drag your track into an email or flash drive to share with your collaborators. This file is easily "unzipped" once transferred to another's computer and so long as your partners are using the same version of Garageband as you, there should be no problems. 

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