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I had this idea and I wanted to know what You think! 

So, I haven’t been posting regularly on my account because I’ve been having trouble staying consistent with my journaling. 😬

and I thought, with the National Bullet Journal Day coming up on August 8th

- that I would create a journaling Event that we could All participate in!

So,  for the first week in August I’m challenging You & myself to journal in your notebook every day.

Nothing crazy right?

but sometimes that initial momentum is all you need to keep going. 

I’m calling this my 5-day Journaling Challenge

This challenge is all about strengthening those creative habits through consistency & accountability from a supportive group who has your back!

So if you want to join the group challenge, sign up below.

I’ll be sending you all the details on how to participate soon.

But essentially, each day I’ll be sending an email encouraging you to write in your journal. 

And not just me, I have some special guests participating as well, who will be sharing their own words to help you get through the challenge. 

You’ll also be invited to check in with the group with Your progress so we’re all on the same page & no one gets left behind. 

Does this sound like fun? I’m excited! I hope you are too! 

But I want to hear from you. DM me on Instagram and let me know your thoughts. 

Otherwise, sign up for the 5-day Journaling Challenge today.

I will see you there!

Until then…

Take Care & Take Notes

- Andrew @dadwithplan